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It’s apple-picking season

Published: September 9, 2009

Although often depicted as the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, apples are embraced and abundant in Western New York. According to the New York Apple Association, New York State averages 25 million bushels of production annually. In the Buffalo area alone, there are 52 apple orchards. Fall is the perfect time of year to taste the many local varieties, including Macintosh, Braeburn and Gala.

Delicious and nutritious, the old adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” rings true. In April 2008, research published in the journal Nutrition found that components of apples and apple juice may help protect the body from colon cancer. Researchers at the University of Hawaii and Finland’s National Public Health Institute both noted a link between apple consumption and a reduced risk of lung cancer in studies published in 1997 and in 2000. A daily apple may even help you maintain a healthy head of hair. Based on research published in the British Journal of Dermatology, apples were shown to contain procyanidin B-2, a compound that promotes hair growth.

Apples also are a favorite ingredient in a multitude of recipes, such a Savory Apple Roast and Apple Brownies.

While you can purchase locally produced apples at your nearest grocery store, why not pick your own apples? Many local orchards allow you to bring home a crop of freshly picked produce. Orchards near Buffalo that offer apple picking include Becker Farms in Niagara County and Brown’s Berry Patch in Orleans County. Check All About Apples for a listing of New York State apple growers and orchards.

For more information about orchard locations, nutritional content and consumer information check the New York Apple Association’s Web site.

Ligaya Ganster, Arts and Sciences Libraries