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  • Great Lakes conference set

    “Great Lakes Connecting Channels: Governance, Ecosystem Science and Management,” a conference dedicated to considering the scientific knowledge, institutions, laws and strategies used to manage the Great Lakes, will be held June 12 in the Center for the Arts, North Campus.

    The conference, part of the centennial celebration of the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty between the U.S. and Canada, is sponsored by the Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo; the Canadian Embassy, Washington; and UB’s Great Lakes Program, Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, Canadian American Studies Committee and Environment and Society Institute.

    The conference, which will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., is divided into two sections: Morning sessions will cover the state of science in relation to the Great Lakes; afternoon sessions will address governance of the connecting channels—the rivers and straits that link the five Great Lakes and make them a single hydrological and ecological system.

    The luncheon address, “Wag the Dog: Using Science to Govern the American and African Great Lakes,” will be given by Zafar Adeel, director of United Nations University, International Network on Water, Environment and Health.

    Michael Wilson, Canadian ambassador to the U.S., will deliver concluding remarks.

    The cost to attend the conference is $25, which includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments during breaks. For a detailed conference agenda and to register, click here or contact Anita Mazurek at or 645-2071.

  • Ernst & Young matches alumni contributions to UB

    The worldwide public accounting firm of Ernst & Young LLP and its staff members have contributed more than $50,000 to UB over the past year.

    Included in the total amount is a gift of $23,284 from the Ernst & Young Matching Gifts Program to the School of Management for use by the school’s Department of Accounting and Law.

    “We are grateful to Ernst & Young and our alumni there for taking this initiative,” said Jill Sessa, associate director of development in the School of Management. “We hope that it will be a model for our graduates in other firms that have matching gift programs.”

    The Ernst & Young Matching Gifts Program is just one element of the firm’s broad support for higher education. It also provides grants to doctoral candidates concentrating in accounting, sponsors professorships and faculty fellowships, and employs accounting student interns.

  • Budding engineers compete in BEAM TREK

    Seventy of Western New York’s best and brightest high school students flexed their mental muscles as they competed recently in BEAM TREK, an all-day, brain-teasing race on the North Campus.

    The Star Trek-themed competition was the result of efforts by dedicated alumni of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences working with local companies and educational organizations to find new sources of support for the award-winning BEAM (Buffalo-area Engineering Awareness for Minorities) program.

    The BEAM TREK event involved 14 companies and organizations, each of which sponsored at least one team in the event. BEAM TREK raised more than $20,000 for its summer educational programs, according to UB Engineering.

    At BEAM TREK, UB engineering faculty challenged 14 teams of Western New York high school students to complete a broad range of engineering tasks.

    The winning team from Williamsville East was dubbed “Buffalo’s Best Engineering Team of the Future.”

    Also participating were students from BEAM Saturday Academy, Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, East High, Hutch Tech, Nardin Academy, Nichols School, Orchard Park, UB Science & Technology Enrichment Program and West Seneca East.

    BEAM is a cooperative educational enrichment program that prepares inner-city, minority, female and other underrepresented students for careers in science, engineering and technology through after-school and summer programs. Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded BEAM the 2008 Exemplary Public Interest Contribution (EPIC) Award for promoting equal employment opportunity.

    Since its inception, BEAM has worked with more than 10,000 Western New York middle school and high school students who have been motivated to pursue science and engineering degrees. BEAM graduates include Western New York engineers and scientists at the top of their fields, employed in technical positions at corporations and government agencies that include Fisher-Price, General Mills, General Motors, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration and Northrup Grumman, among many others, according to Marilyn Helenbrook, BEAM executive director.

  • Chicks hatched to UB falcons

    UB’s resident peregrine falcons are the proud parents of four baby chicks, according to biologists with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

    The chicks, hatched about two weeks ago, and their parents are resting comfortably in their custom-made nesting box in the tower of MacKay Heating Plant on the east side of the South Campus.

    The box was constructed by UB Facilities staff and placed near the top of the MacKay tower back in February. Click here to read a story on the falcons.

    To celebrate, members of the UB community are encouraged to submit names for the falcon chicks—gender-neutral please—in the ”post a comment” box at the end of this story.

    Serving as judges for the “Name that Chick” contest are Chris Hollister, information literacy librarian in the Undergraduate Library and an avid ornithologist and contributor to the DEC’s Breeding Bird Atlas, 2000-2004; Vicki Kadow, an Amherst birdwatcher who brought the falcons to the DEC’s attention; and Michael F. Sheridan, director of UB’s Center on GeoHazard Studies, who raises parrots and other birds. Sheridan says falcons are some of his favorite birds.

    The UB Reporter will publish the winning names when they are chosen.

  • Vendors sought for market

    The University Community Farmers Market is seeking food vendors to participate in the market, held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays through Oct. 17, except July 4, on the UB South Campus on Main Street at Kenmore Avenue.

    The market is heavily promoted, has special events to attract customers and there is no vendor fee to participate. Potential vendors are invited to contact Jessica Biegaj at or 829-6145.

Reader Comments

Carly Ruggeri says:

1). Ariel 2). shea

Posted by Carly Ruggeri, ., 06/07/09

Kelly Deabold says:

Elation, Hope, King, Sky

Posted by Kelly Deabold, new chick names, 06/06/09

J T says:

1-sky 2-hunter 3-artemis 4-taylor

Posted by J T, Student, 06/06/09

Monyuette Y Coplin - Buffalo Prep - Biomedical STEP Programs says:

Here are some suggestions: *Zephyr *Iroquois *Breeze *Cree *Glide *Sioux *Swoop *Zuni *Flit *Talbert *Flutter *Jarvic *Dart *Dewey *Zoom *Clemens

Posted by Monyuette Y Coplin - Buffalo Prep - Biomedical STEP Programs, Names for Falcons, 06/05/09

Gloria Paveljack says:

I am a big mythology fan. My suggestions for the falcon names are:

Prometheus (the wisest Titan) Helios (greek sun god) Zeus (god of the sky) Eros (god of love)

OR the gods of the four winds:

Zephyros (west wind) Boreas (north wind) Notus (south wind) Eurus (east wind)

Posted by Gloria Paveljack, Sr. Staff Assistant, 06/05/09

Taylor Warren says:


--it means tranquil, calm, etc.

Posted by Taylor Warren, UB Freshman 2009, 06/05/09

H. Cordaro says:

Ziggy, Zoomie, Zippy, and Zypher

Posted by H. Cordaro, Awww, baby falcons , 06/04/09

Paula Hartig says:

falcon chick names: Kaycee, Tori, Mackenzie (Mack), Sunny

Posted by Paula Hartig, Keyboard Specialist 2, 06/04/09

John DC says:

Conan, Leno, Carson and Paar.

Sorry, Dave. Remember, we're MAC champs.

Posted by John DC, Media Relations Director, 06/04/09

Piyush Bareria says:

Ciel Vyom Gagan Aakash Hava Zenith

All of them are synonym of Sky which is apt for the bird of prey

Posted by Piyush Bareria, Names for baby falcon, 06/03/09

Jennifer Reece says:

How about naming them Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Phi.

Posted by Jennifer Reece, Calculations Clerk, 06/03/09

Salina Suy says:

i think you should name on SKY, its a beautiful name.

& maybe one SUNSHINE

Posted by Salina Suy, UB Undergrad, 06/03/09

Elizabeth Lesswing says:

I posted yesterday with my suggestions, but now my post is gone. I don't think it was offensive. Well, again, my suggestions are: The (sur)names of the first four presidents of UB: Fillmore, Marshall, Sprague, Putnam The (sur) names of the members of the musical group The Falcons, however, there were five original members so pick four of the five listed here: Floyd, Robinson, Manardo, Shetler and Schofield The best part is this group is known for their song, "You're So Fine," which could be a nice theme songs for our chicks.

Posted by Elizabeth Lesswing, Staff Assistant, 06/03/09

Mike Sh.eridan says:

My friend, Jonathan Fink is an avid aviculturist and a professor at Araizona State University, He suggests the following two sests of names: Given the Middle Eastern love of falconry, perhaps: Abudhabi, Bahrain, Oman, and Dubai?

Or: Chico, Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo?

Posted by Mike Sh.eridan, Director, Center for GeoHAzards Studies, 06/03/09

Mary Brummond says:

Name one 'Frightful' after the falcon in Jean Craighead George's 'My Side of the Mountain'.

Or 'Kevin' after the bird in the Pixar movie 'UP!' (which is now apparently gender-neutral)

Posted by Mary Brummond, Chicks, 06/02/09

colleen maloney-berman says:

I'd like to name them in pairs -- Swoop & Dive and Soar& Glide

Posted by colleen maloney-berman, falcon chicks, 06/02/09

Jean Muntz says:

How about Gavina [Celtic Female name, "May Hawk" ], Chayton [Sioux N.American, "Falcon"], Akos [Hungarian, "White Falcon"] or Gawain [French, "white hawk", also a knight of the round table ]

Posted by Jean Muntz, Chick names:, 06/02/09

Tom Albrechcinski says:

How about; "North, South, East and West" this way they will never get lost!!

Posted by Tom Albrechcinski, SEESL/UB-NEES Site Operations Manager, 06/02/09

Kerrie Martin says:

Puffin ! Thor ! How about Pippin? (Peregrine is Pippins real name in LoTR.) Merry ! Pekkle ! Pokey ! ♥

Posted by Kerrie Martin, Birdie names., 06/02/09

Richard Gronostajski says:

Perhaps the 4 Musketeers, Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan

Posted by Richard Gronostajski, Prof, 06/02/09

Lydia Wilson says:

What about the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire


since it is a medical campus, name them after the code of ethics: Non maleficence, Beneficence, Justice and Fidelity (or autonomy or veracity)

Posted by Lydia Wilson, Occupational Therapy student, 06/01/09

Sherri Steinback says:

How about "BFF 1" "BFF 1" "BFF 3" "BFF 4" as in best friend falcon?

Posted by Sherri Steinback, EMBA Student, 06/01/09

Matthew Michaels says:


Posted by Matthew Michaels, Student, 06/01/09

Chris L says:

How about "Walter" "Simpson" "Simon" and "Cala"?

Posted by Chris L, Student, 06/01/09

Jennifer Reece says:

How about Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Phi.

Posted by Jennifer Reece, Calculations Clerk, 06/01/09

Evangeline Rauch says:

Thelma, Roger, James and Harriet: The title characters of "Catwings" by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Posted by Evangeline Rauch, Ms., 06/01/09

Heather Stewart says:

Since they live in the Heating Plant, why not four famous people in energy and science: Ford, Franklin, Edison and Einstein?

Posted by Heather Stewart, Student, 06/01/09

Padmini Sahoo says:

How about naming them Madagascar, Moto Moto, Zubin and Maurice?

Posted by Padmini Sahoo, Student, 06/01/09

Michele Murphy says:

To Bill Wachob's suggestions of - Swift Swerve Swoop Jerry, I would like to add Soar.

Posted by Michele Murphy, Admin Staff, 06/01/09

Catherine Donnelly says:

How about the letters of the alphabet as used for phoenetic spelling? The first four are Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta

But since the birds are at the University of Buffalo's South Campus, we could use UB-SC or Union, Bravo, Sierra, and Charlie.

Posted by Catherine Donnelly, Web Services, 06/01/09

Carol Lazarus says:

Well, birds are supposedly the descendents of dinosaurs so how about -

Terry-dactyl, T-rexxy, Steggie-saur, and Sara-tops

Posted by Carol Lazarus, IT Auditor, 06/01/09

Lori Widzinski says:

Beck, Abbott, Cary, Mackay OR Peri, Tweety, Woodstock, Beaky

Posted by Lori Widzinski, Head, Media Resources Center, Health Sciences Library, 06/01/09

Margaret Poniatowski says:

Suggested names for the four UB falcon chicks:

Hayes Crosby Farber Kimball

Posted by Margaret Poniatowski, Assistant to the Chair, Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering, 06/01/09

Joy James says:

How about something that means the "wind."

Zephyr (Greek - west wind)

Makani (Hawaiian - the wind)

Posted by Joy James, Names for Baby Falcons, 06/01/09

Jackie DiMartino says:

Baldy, Beck, Bonner, Bell

Posted by Jackie DiMartino, Department Secretary, 06/01/09

Judith Adams-Volpe says:

Falcon chick names: Hayes, Abbott, Crosby, and Wende

Posted by Judith Adams-Volpe, Director, Communication, UB Libraries, 06/01/09

Bill Wachob says:

Here are my four names for the falcons (all are gender neutral).

Swift Swerve Swoop Jerry

Posted by Bill Wachob, Assistant Dean, 06/01/09

Bonnie Morris says:

Names for the chicks: Hayes, Squire, Abbott and Costello or 2020, UB Believer, Go Bulls, and Downtown Campus or Angela, Lance, Channing, and Chao-Li Chi or No Goal, Wide Right, In The Crease and Peace Bridge

Posted by Bonnie Morris, Staff Associate, 06/01/09

Barbie Dobbins says:

Baby Falcons!!

1) Mack 2) Kay

3) South Sentinel

4) Tiercel

Cannot wait to see them! Any photos yet?? Barbie

Posted by Barbie Dobbins, Lockwood Library Access Services Clerk, 06/01/09

Betsy O'Brien says:

New chicks: How about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Or, Ringo, John, Paul and George?

Posted by Betsy O'Brien, Secretary, 06/01/09

Betsy O'Brien says:

Names, how about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Posted by Betsy O'Brien, Secretary, 06/01/09