This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.

Study encouraging for vets

To the Editor:

Regarding the UB Reporter story “Researcher to study suicide risk among vets”,

I am of the generation that often dated soldiers coming back from Vietnam. It was very apparent that many of them had unresolved issues and feelings about their experiences.

Unfortunately, their military training prevented them from expressing how they truly felt. Often, the stare would start and they were somewhere else, looking very sad or angry. Some would laugh it off, others would not want to talk about it and some actually became violent out of proportion to their current situation.

This study is encouraging and a healthy direction for our soldiers.

Joy James
Administrative Assistant

Don’t minimize gender discrimination

To the Editor:

Aren’t “sexual harassment” and “hostile workplace environment” instances of sex discrimination? I don’t understand the statistics offered in last week’s UB Reporter article praising UB’s diversity—they seem to put these two kinds of gender discrimination in a separate box and then minimize the gender problem.

It would also be interesting if the UB administration would address the disproportionate number of women who were denied tenure as compared with the number of men in the past five years (23 percent of women denied vs. 10 percent of men). How will they remedy this?

Jean Dickson
Associate Librarian
University Libraries