This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.

Smokers will line up at Park

To the Editor:

The psychology department conducts research on smoking. Can you imagine the line that will form outside Park Hall when the smokers hear that Park is the only place on campus where you can take a drag? Or does the plan anticipate canceling research projects as well?

Samuel A. Folby
Instructional Support Specialist
Department of Psychology

What about smokers who live on campus?

To the Editor:

This [smoke-free policy] is totally bogus. There are people who live on campus. To ask them to leave campus altogether just to smoke a cigarette is insane.

Also, this campus is huge; there is no reason why designated smoking areas can’t be implemented. There is plenty of room on this campus, so smoking will not affect the health of others.

This is a bully attempt to make people quit smoking. Smoking is a personal choice that everyone has the right to make.

Albert J. Panek
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs