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News and views for UB faculty and staff

Your Colleagues



After a 32-year career at UB, Poetry Collection Curator Michael Basinski is stepping down to spend time with family and create poetry.


Well-wishers from around the globe attended a weekend symposium in honor of Philip Coppens’ nearly half a century at UB.


UB staff member Nick Peterson is finding that tending his own beehives is fun — and sustainable.


Trevor Poag, the new director of global learning opportunities, says traveling abroad can prepare students to be collaborative problem-solvers.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.


Engineering prof Sara Behdad says repairing and reusing broken devices can yield benefits — including profits — for manufacturers.


The Supreme Court ruling also could prevent brands from suing to stop others from using their marks in ways that may be offensive, a UB expert says.


UB sports law expert Helen Drew says the success — or failure — of offensive marks like Redskins and Indians remains in the hands of consumers.


UB law professor Nicole Hallett talks about how President Trump's pending appointments to the National Labor Relations Board could be the death knell for organized labor.

Question & Answers


UB archaeologist Caroline Funk talks about a recent study that gives new meaning to the term “social science.”  


John Wood talks about concern on campus regarding the Trump administration's rhetoric on immigration and UB's policies regarding international students and scholars.


From dodging dog bites to photographing Michael Phelps, UB staffer Ken Smith spends his nights and weekends volunteering with his camera.


Construction on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is moving along. Jennifer Kuhn, manager of project support, provides an update.

Awards & Recognition


Frank Scannapieco and Peter Bradford have been recognized in the fields of dental research and pharmacology.


Anne Curtis and Michael Cain will lecture at the 22nd World Congress on Heart Disease.


The UB English prof has received the Dove Award for outstanding contributions to the serious study of mystery, detective and crime fiction.


The UB bio-artist's winning work uses DNA from the saliva of hundreds of people to create iconic images such as crowns and fighter jets.