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Provost discussing next steps for UB 2020

Published April 24, 2014

Over the next three weeks, Provost Charles F. Zukoski is meeting with deans, faculty and staff from each of the individual schools to discuss the next steps in the UB 2020 strategic plan and answer questions about implementation. 

In meetings hosted by UB deans, Zukoski is outlining plans for the launch of UB 2020’s signature initiatives: Communities of Excellence and curricular distinction.  These signature initiatives are designed to achieve academic excellence.

Through the Communities of Excellence, UB will address society’s toughest challenges and carry out transformative educational, research, creative and engagement activities. Achieving curricular distinction will involve implementing a new general education curriculum, and programs and initiatives including experiential learning, significant international experience and interprofessional education. 

“We are focusing our attention on initiatives that build on our foundation of faculty excellence and enrich the academic experiences of our students,” Zukoski says.   

During the meetings, the provost also is emphasizing the need to embrace ownership of academic excellence and develop the standards and expectations that lead to that excellence. He is discussing the Unit Standards and Impact Analysis as a method for recognizing the varied and important contributions all units can make in pursuit of UB’s institutional goals.

“This process is designed for units to develop measures and a language to describe what gives them pride,” Zukoski says.   

The presentations are specific to the individual schools. Click here for the schedule of meeting times.