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Tour helps launch Sustainability Academy

Published September 26, 2013

Thirteen students from UB’s new Sustainability Academy will join 19 fellow undergraduates in touring Love Canal, the 700 block of Main Street, the Buffalo River and Silo City tomorrow to learn about the region’s history of industrial pollution and how the community has begun to turn this legacy around to create a more sustainable Buffalo Niagara.

At each stop, students will hear from local advocates who are tackling problems in Western New York. They also will take part in activities such as discussing how students and their communities could prevent Love Canal-type disasters and how to respond when they happen.

Kenneth Shockley, academic director of the Sustainability Academy, will accompany the students, along with Ryan McPherson, chief sustainability officer, and Hadar Borden, administrative director of the Undergraduate Academies.

The event, which focuses on building resilience and innovation through sustainability, helps launch the Sustainability Academy, which is new this fall. The program gives students interested in environmental issues the opportunity to live and learn together through seminars, internships and hands-on projects in the community. The academy is one of five themed Undergraduate Academies at UB.

The Sustainability Academy kicked off this semester with a freshman class of 48 members majoring in many different fields.