Into the Blue

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Episode 1: Understanding Wormholes

Wormholes are phenomena that connect different parts of space.  Albert Einstein called them bridges.

The easiest way to find a wormhole is to search the science fiction section of a public library.  But wormholes are not limited to fiction. They work as solutions to Einstein’s equations. 

So how do we look for the real thing? Listen to Dejan Stojkovic, a University at Buffalo professor of physics…

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Dejan Stojkovic is a theoretical physicist. Read Stojkovic's full bio

As a cosmologist, he can speak to the media about a number of questions related to the nature of the universe, including theories about the origins and future of the universe, as well as phenomena such as black holes and dark matter.

Stojkovic’s research focuses on answering fundamental questions related to gravity, particle physics and cosmology. Areas of interest include the origin, evolution and future of our universe; classical and quantum aspects of black holes; cosmological puzzles like dark energy and dark matter; phenomena beyond the Standard Model of physics; extra dimensions; gravitational waves; and the evolution of stars.


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In a theoretical study, physicists propose that perturbations in the orbit of stars near supermassive black holes could be used to detect wormholes.