What's new in UBmail (Exchange Online)

Review some changes in UBmail (Exchange Online).

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Improved security

Modern authentication - The new UBmail (Exchange Online) uses the latest authentication security. Make sure the email program you are using meets the minimum requirements.

Improvements in stopping spam and scams – More sophisticated AI stops more unsolicited and malicious messages from ever reaching your Inbox. If you are missing mail, check the junk folder: In Outlook, click Home > Junk > Not Junk.

Safe Links – Links in your email are now scanned and made safer to click. Learn more about Safe Links.   

Feature changes

Availability of shared UBmail resources during move to Exchange Online

The UB campus will gradually transition to Exchange Online. During this time:

  • Shared Public Folders will be available from email programs (clients) only, and not through outlook.office.com.
  • Shared Mailboxes/Calendars will be available from both email programs and outlook.office.com if all mailboxes/calendars are moved to Exchange Online. A shared mailbox/calendar in Exchange Online will not available from the older, “on-premise” UBmail for faculty and staff, nor vice versa.
  • Free/Busy and booking a meeting with a shared calendar will work with calendars across both Exchange Online and on-premise UBmail for faculty and staff.
  • Person on Mac not moved to Exchange Online cannot view calendar of a person who has moved to Exchange Online
    • Workarounds:
      • Use Outlook client’s Scheduling Assistant
      • View calendar through Outlook Web App (exchowa.buffalo.edu).

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