Moving to UBmail (Exchange Online) for Retirees, Volunteers, Adjuncts and Some Alumni

If you received an email telling you about your move to UBmail (Exchange Online), you are in the right place! Learn how to make a smooth transition.

Using UBmail through a web browser

  • You will use when checking your email in a web browser
  • Clear your browser cache before you begin accessing for the first time
  • Login with your UB email address and password

Using UBmail on a desktop or laptop computer

  • UBIT strongly recommends using a web browser to read email. If you choose to continue to use Outlook, the minimum requirements and supported mail clients are: Outlook 2016/2019/MS 365 for Mac and Windows.

Using UBmail on a phone or tablet


Once we move your mailbox, forwarding to a non-UB email account will no longer work. To continue to see all your messages, follow the instructions below.

Common questions

What additional features does this new email system have?

UBmail (Exchange Online) features include

Do I still need to log in every 90 days to keep my UBmail active?

If you are a retiree or alumni, yes. If you don’t log in every 90 days, email delivery to and from your will be suspended. Six months from that date, your mailbox and contents will be deleted. You must log in through  

Will I lose any email messages?

As part of the mailbox migration to Exchange Online you will not lose any messages.  If you are not seeing a message you expected, look in your Junk Folder.

What if I don’t want to keep my email?

  • We recommend you set up an Out of Office reply on your account notifying your contacts that you will be changing your email. See Send automatic out of office replies from Outlook
  • Log into or contact any websites that use your email address as a login or username, and replace your address with a current email address
  • Manually forward messages you want to keep to your new email address

Does this change give me access to the other Office 365 products?


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Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.