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How do I relocate a site off of Wings?

If you want, you can take an existing website on Wings and move its files to a different site, for instance one not hosted at UB. For sites that have moved, we do not put in an apache redirect and a log file.

What we recommend to you is the following:

  1. Make a backup of your site's files.
  2. Remove all the files and subdirectories from the site.
  3. Create a new index.html:
          -------cut here-------

    This site has moved

    In 10 seconds, your browser should take you to the new location at:

          -------cut here-------
    You can make this page as pretty as you like, but for search engines, stick to plain html and basic static images. Note: the 'content="10"' in the 'meta' tag signifies 10 seconds delay until the refresh. You can set this to anything, even 0. Google and other search engines are smart enough to see the meta tag and then only index the new site.

  4. Create a custom error page so that any request for any page in the old site will display the page you created in step #3 and then get redirected to the new site. Create a file called ".htaccess". Note that there is a period (.) at the beginning of the filename, and not at the end. This file should contain one line:

            ErrorDocument 404 /wings/info/www/path-to-your-index.html

Replace "path-to-your-index.html" with the path to your index.html that you created in step #3.

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