Known Issues - Updated 11/30/2020

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Content Editor (toolbar used for editing text boxes)

If you are experiencing inconsistent behavior with the content editor, make sure that the language setting for your profile is System Default (English - UB Learns).

Learn about setting your profile language

Open Issues

Sept. 30
Intermittent Issue with Panopto Quiz Grade Not Passing Back to UB Learns.

There is an intermittent issue that can cause Panopto quiz grades to not pass back to UB Learns for some students. The vendor is working to mitigate this issue, and has offered two workarounds:

  • Option 1. If the student relaunches the video and clicks Finish on the quiz, the grades may post to UB Learns.
  • Option 2. Instructors can reach out to Panopto support.

Resolved Issues

RESOLVED - Nov. 30
For instructors only: Inconsistent behavior when adding assessment feedback while using the Grade Questions tool.

  • Some instructors were unable to leave feedback, or feedback was not saved, when grading assessments question by question (Grade Questions tool).
  • This issue has been resolved with a high-priority update from Blackboard

RESOLVED - Nov. 21
iOS apps for UB Learns (Instructor v3.7 and Blackboard v5.9) do not show main navigation menu.

  • This issue has been resolved with high-priority iOS app updates from Blackboard (Instructor v3.9.1 and Blackboard v5.9.1).
  • If you have automatic updates turned off on your iOS device, you will need to update the apps manually.

Inconsistent behavior was reported regarding the content editor (toolbar used for editing text boxes) in UB Learns.

  • This issue was resolved by the UB Learns support team within five hours of the first report.
  • For those using English for their language settings in UB Learns, make sure that the language setting for your profile is System Default (English - UB Learns). Learn about setting your profile language.

Blackboard receiving some reports of connectivity issues (UB Learns is hosted on Blackboard's servers).

  • Blackboard reported connectivity issues lasted less than 15 minutes.
  • UB Learns support team only received one notice of the issue.

Processing time delays with SafeAssign due to the high load of incoming papers.

  • Blackboard reported the backlog was cleared within a day, and processing times returned to normal.

Ally experiencing some processing delays.

  • Issue resolved by Blackboard.

UB Learns course list improperly displayed in Firefox 81.0.

  • Issue resolved by updating Firefox to version 81.0.1.

Respondus Monitor in UB Learns not available for students.

  • UB increased the number of available licenses to account for the increased use of Respondus Monitor due to more courses being taught online.

UB Learns assessment passwords not working consistently.

  • An update issued by Blackboard resolved the issue.

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