Ultra Base Navigation

Ultra Base Navigation is an easy-to-navigate system menu that provides quick access to critical information, such as grading tasks, due dates and activities, for all your courses.

UB Learns adopted Ultra Base Navigation on May 20, 2020.

The UB Learns support team is offering several Ultra Base Navigation information sessions in August for faculty and TAs who haven't used UB Learns since Ultra Base Navigation was adopted on May 20, 2020.
Get quick access to critical information, such as grading, due dates and activities, for all your courses using an easy-to-navigate menu.
Help and Updates is the first page you will see when you log into UB Learns.
Add a profile picture; change language, privacy and notification settings; and link your cloud storage accounts to UB Learns.
See a bird's eye view of activities from all your courses, including student submissions and due dates, and jump directly into course activities from the list.
See a list of all your courses organized by term.
There are currently no plans to use the Organizations page in Ultra Base Navigation
See all your events and due dates from all your courses in one place.
Get quick access to your Course Messages inboxes and the Compose Message page for each course.
See an overview of grading tasks from across all your courses.
The Tools page in Ultra Base Navigation is different from Course Tools (e.g., Announcements, SafeAssign). Course Tools are still available within in your courses.