Course Copy

Make an exact copy of a course or select specific items to add to an existing course.

About Course Copy

Course Copy can make an exact copy of your course. Course Copy can also make a copy of selected items to add to an existing course.

  • Copy course content and structure into an empty course site for a new semester. This saves you from having to rebuild courses.
  • Create a new section of the same course.
  • Share content across several courses without having to recreate the content in each course.
  • Copy just enrollments to move users from one course to another.

You must be in the role of instructor in both courses in order to copy course information. Course content, tools, and enrollments can be copied.

Using Course Copy

  1. Log into the course you want to copy from.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy.
  3. Click Browse to see a list of courses to which you can copy.
  4. Complete page options.
  5. Click Submit.
Copy Recommendation

We strongly recommend leaving the default File Attachments setting to Copy links and copies of the content.   

An email will be sent to you when the copy is complete.

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