Past Term Student Enrollments

As of December 2020, past term student enrollments are set as "Unavailable." Student grades, postings and interactions will remain visible to the instructor after the semester ends, but students will no longer be able to access the course.

On this page:

Instructors can extend or return student access to past semester course sites.

Extend an enrollment to complete remaining course requirements or to review grades, postings and submissions.

About Extending Student Enrollments

  • Instructors can return access to select students or the entire class list.
  • Only students whose enrollment availability is YES will have course access.
  • Instructors should reset student availability to NO when complete or access is no longer needed.

Manually Extending Single Student Enrollment

  1. Log into UB Learns and the specific course.
  2. Select Users and Groups from the course Control Panel.
  3. Identify the student and select Change Users Availability in Course from drop-down arrow after username.
  4. Reset Available (this course only) to Yes.
  5. Click Submit.

Automatically Extending Multiple Student Enrollments

  1. Log into the UB Learns Class Setup Tool.
  2. Click on a current or past term under Class by Term.
  3. Click Extend Enrollments (people icon) for a class.
  4. Check the boxes next to students' names or click Name to select the entire class.
  5. Click Update Enrollments.

Student enrollments are reset to Unavailable the first business day after final grading is due for the specific semester.

Student grades, postings and interactions remain visible to the instructor, students can no longer see or access the course.