End of Semester Procedures (Enrollment Change-Over)

At the end of each semester, student enrollments are disabled the first business day after grades are due.

Winter 2020 term student enrollment change-over: Feb. 3, 2020.

By default, student enrollments in UB Learns course sites are disabled the first business day after grades are due. Instructors will continue to have access to course content only, not to student submissions, interactions or grades. This applies only to courses enabled through the UB Learns Course Setup tool and not to administrative courses.

Extending Student Enrollments

Instructors may extend or return student access to past semester course sites for an incomplete grade or to view student grades, postings and submissions

Navigate to the UB Learns Class Setup Tool and select PastTerms. Identify the class and select Update Enrollment. Access may be returned to select students or the entire class list. Only students selected on this screen by the instructor will have access to the course site; all other students will remain disabled.

Instructors may set a course to Unavailable after extending enrollments to view grades without allowing student access to the site.

Backing Up Your UB Learns Course

Instructors are responsible for backing up their UB Learns courses; see Export/Archive Course. Courses will be removed from UB Learns 12 months after the end of the semester. See the UB Learns Data Management Policy for more information.

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