UBlearns Course Setup Details

Learn about advanced course setup options.

Instructors must use UBlearns Class Setup tool each semester to enable their course site for student access on UBlearns and iTunes U. Students will not see your course if you do not enable it.

Class Setup Listings by Term (Semester)

This is where you can enable your UBlearns or iTunes U course for the upcoming semester. The upcoming semester will always be listed here first, followed by links to previous semester course sites.

Advanced Class Setup Options

Select Semester and Course

After you select the appropriate semester, click Edit Class for the course you would like to enable or modify.

If you are scheduled to teach a course and your course is not listed in Class Setup tool, contact your department course scheduler directly or contact ublearns@buffalo.edu.

Use the UBlearns Class Setup tool to:


To exit the UBlearns Class Setup tool, from within UBlearns logoff and close all browser windows, from outside UBlearns close all browser windows.

Class Setup Video Tutorial

  • Class Setup Tool
    • Enable your course(s) for UBlearns use
    • Select when students show up in your course
    • Allow Students access to course who have withdrawn/resigned
    • Combine your courses (before start of semester)


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