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Combining Course Sites

Instructors may combine the enrollments from multiple classes or multiple sections for UBlearns and iTunes U.

Parent and Child Courses

Combining the enrollments of two or more of your own course sites requires that you declare one of the courses as the 'Parent' course. The lesser courses that are attached to the Parent course are referred to as 'Child' courses.

The preferences of the Parent course (including the course title and enrollment date) will apply to the Children courses.

Combine a Course With Other Courses You Teach

Prior to the beginning of the semester use UBlearns Course Setup to combine courses. After the first day of classes you will need to use the Course Combination Request Form.

  1. Go to the UBlearns Course Setup and login.
  2. Select the appropriate semester.
  3. Select the Edit Course link next to the course you would like to combine courses with (Parent).
  4. Check Combine course enrollments for the courses you would like combined (Children).
  5. Click Save.

Updates made through the UBlearns Course Setup will take effect after 7:30 a.m. the following morning.

Combine With Courses Taught by Other Faculty

Requests to combine your course with that of another instructor are accepted via the Course Combination Request Form and must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester.

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