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Discussion Boards

Create forums to have students post and respond to messages.

About Discussion Boards

Course participants can post and respond to messages using the Discussion Board.

  • Forums are used to organize discussions. A forum must be created before course participants can post and respond to messages using the Discussion Board feature. Students are unable to create forums.
  • Threads are discussions within forums. A new post starts a thread. All responses appear in the same thread. Instructors determine whether students can initiate Threads.

Adding a Forum

  1. Under Control Panel select Course Tools >  Discussion Board.
  2. Click on the course name.
  3. Select Create Forum.
  4. Complete page options.
  5. Click Submit.

Creating a Post

  1. Open a Discussion Board Forum.
  2. Select Create Thread.
  3. Enter a subject and your message.
  4. Click Submit.

Replying to a Post

  1. Open a thread in a Forum.
  2. Find a post.
  3. Click Reply for that post.
  4. Enter your message then click Submit.

Adding a Discussion Board Forum to a Content Area

  1. Open the Content Area and folder where the Forum should appear.
  2. From the Tools drop down list select Discussion Board.
  3. Complete page options.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Complete page options.
  6. Click Submit.

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