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Collaboration Tools

Create and manage real-time Virtual Classroom and Chat sessions.

About Collaboration Tools

Two real-time Collaboration Tools are available:

  • Chat is an exchange of text messages online.
  • Virtual Classroom is a shared online environment where users can view links, share desktops, exchange files, and chat.

Both types of collaboration can be recorded and saved for future review. To access a session's recording, select Recordings from a session's contextual menu. If there are no recordings, the option is not available.

Adding Collaboration Tools

  1. In the Control Panel, click Course Tools > Collaboration.
  2. There is a chat and virtual classroom tool already created. You can also create another collaboration tool session.

The Java 2 Run Time Environment is required for Collaboration Sessions. The plug-in can be downloaded from the page that appears when a user attempts to join a Collaboration Session. Pop-ups must be enabled to successfully run a Virtual Classroom Session.

If you have the latest version of Java installed and the Chat and/or Virtual Classroom windows do not open you might have to clear your java cache. Search for the following phrase in your browser for Windows or MAC: “clear java cache windows” or “clear java cache mac” respectively.

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