Find answers to frequently asked questions about policies related to data management, access and administrative course sites.

What is the UBlearns Data Management policy?

Our goal is to keep UBlearns stable and equipped for growth. Removing old course data on the system helps meet that goal and makes space for new courses that demand increasingly complex and data-rich content.

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Are there file size limitations/quotas for UBlearns course sites?

Currently UBlearns does not limit or impose a quota on file uploads. Instructors should upload only pertinent course materials for each site, and remove any files that are no longer needed.

For media files, such as sound and video, follow the instructions on Audio/Video Content.

Can individuals who are not affiliated with UB access my UBlearns course?

If you want someone who is not affiliated with UB to participate in your course, you must request an exception account.

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Can UBlearns courses be created for administrative or departmental purposes?

Administrative course sites are UBlearns or iTunes U sites that are not affiliated with classes offered by registration number.

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How long after the semester do I have access to the Grade Center?

The Grade Center is available until the first business day after grades are due for the semester.

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When are my courses disabled after the semester is over?

Past semester courses have a scheduled removal date. This date is displayed for each UBlearns and iTunes U course site on UBlearns Course Setup.

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