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Why does my courseID look different?

As of Summer 2011 semester courseID configuration has changed slightly with the introduction of HUB.

For example: 2116_23456

  • 211 represents the year (2011)
  • 6 represents the semester (6=Summer, 9=Fall, 1=Spring, 0=Winter
  • the last five digits is the class Nbr (registration number)


Why can’t I see my course menu or access the content of my course?

The course menu may be hidden.  To restore it, look at the left edge of your course site about a quarter of the way down and click the grey arrow (Show Course Menu). 

Can I change my list of courses to show only the current semester?

You can make a course not appear under the Updates tab by editing the My Courses module and not appear in the Courses tab by editing the Course List module:

  1. Click on either the Updates tab or the Courses Tab.
  2. Depending on which tab you selected, place your cursor over the name My Courses  or Course List and click the small “gear” icon that appears in the top right hand corner of the module.
  3. Remove all of the check marks under the Course Name column in front of the courses that you don’t want to see anymore.
  4. Click Submit.

Users can re-order course listings by dragging the arrow icon located to the left of the course to the desired location.

Why is my course not listed in UBlearns?

There are a few reasons why you may not see your course in UBlearns.

Not listed as official instructor of record

If your course is not listed in the UBlearns Class Setup, you may not have been listed as the official instructor of record. Contact your department scheduler to verify. To correct problems contact UBlearns support. If you are co-teaching, the instructor of record needs to enable the course and then add you as an instructor or TA.

Course is not enabled

If you do not see your course under the courses tab inside UBlearns, the course may need to be enabled using UBlearns Class Setup.

Link is not clickable from MyUB

If the link on MyUB is not clickable, the course may need to be enabled using UBlearns Class Setup.

Why am I unable to access the course sites I just ‘enabled’ for use on UBlearns via Course Setup?

Newly enabled course sites are available by 8:30 a.m. the next day.

Why can't my students see my course?

There are a few reasons why your students may not see your course in UBlearns.

  • You may not have enabled the course in UBlearns yet.
  • Your student may not be "officially" enrolled in the course. (You are able to manually enroll students not registered for your class.)
  • Drop/add changes to official enrollment take effect 8:30 a.m. the following morning.
  • By default students will see your course on the first day of class. You may choose to change the enrollment date.

How do I combine courses in UBlearns?

Instructors may combine the enrollments from multiple classes or multiple sections for UBlearns.

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How do I copy content between course sites on UBlearns?

Instructors can use Course Copy to make an exact copy of your course.

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Can existing course content be moved to my Course Files location?


  1. Under Control Panel select Packages and Utilities > Move Files to Course Files.
  2. Place a checkmark at “Selecting this option will add all content in this course to Course Files.”
  3. Submit.

Can I select a different page for my course entry point?

The Teaching Style settings control how the Course appears to users and can be used to set the first page users see when they open the Course.

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One of my students has an incomplete. How can he access last semester's course?

UBlearns Course Setup allows for management of previous semester UBlearns and iTunes U course sites that still appear under your Courses tab. You can grant access to a student who needs access to last semester’s course site to finish up an incomplete.

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How can I remove a past semester course?

 UBlearns Course Setup can be used to remove a course site and delete all its contents from UBlearns at the next system update.

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How do I make a course unavailable?

It is possible to make all or part of a course unavailable to students but accessible to instructors and TAs.

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How can I re-use my course content next semester?

Exporting a course creates a package of course content that can later be imported into the same course or a different course.

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