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Find answers about accessing UBlearns from selected mobile devices.

What is the difference between Blackboard Mobile and Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile is the platform used to bring UBlearns to selected mobile devices.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is the app used to access UBlearns from selected mobile devices.

Who can use Blackboard Mobile Learn?

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app can be used with the following networks and devices:

  • iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone on a Wi-Fi connection
  • Android, Blackberry and Palm device via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

Is there a charge for using Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Through a partnership Blackboard built with Sprint, UB can provide Blackboard Mobile Learn to our faculty and students with Android and BlackBerry mobile devices at no cost, and free on a Wi-Fi-only basis on the Apple iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

You will need a web/data plan through a carrier or a Wi-Fi connection for Apple devices.

How can I get Blackboard Mobile Learn on my mobile device?

  1. Visit the App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry App World.
  2. Search for and install the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.
  3. Launch the app and search for University at Buffalo.
  4. Log in with your UBITName and password.

As a student, what can I do on Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Students can view announcements and class rosters, check assignments and grades, create discussion threads and posts, and view or post to blogs and journals. You also can access documents in multiple formats, as well as view music, videos, and images uploaded by your instructors (using the appropriate software specific to the media type).

As an instructor, what can I do on Blackboard Mobile Learn?

You don’t have to do anything differently with your Blackboard courses for you or your students to use Blackboard Mobile Learn. Using an eligible mobile device (see above) with the Blackboard Mobile app installed, you can access all the content available in your Blackboard courses. In addition, instructors can post a class Announcement “on the go”, create discussion threads and posts, and comment on student blogs and journals.

What are the limitations of Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile Learn is designed for viewing content, not for uploading content to Blackboard. Depending on the particular device, some features will not work correctly, but you can always access these features using a browser such as Firefox on your computer. Students should not attempt to submit assignments or take tests or quizzes in Blackboard Mobile Learn; they should use a non-mobile Web browser for those purposes.
Some features that may not work correctly on all devices are:

  • Flash video
  • Java-based video
  • QuickTime video


What happens if I try to access Blackboard Mobile Learn from iOS?

  • Apple iOS device users (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) will be able to use the app via Wi-Fi. If not on Wi-Fi, iOS device users will receive a message saying you need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

If I’m using an Android or Blackberry device, can I download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app?

All Android and BlackBerry users will see the Blackboard Mobile Learn app listed in BlackBerry AppWorld or Google Play. All users can download the app.

What happens if I’m using an Apple device (i.e., iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) to access Blackboard Mobile Learn and move out of range of a Wi-Fi connection?

If you move from using a Wi-Fi connection to a 3G connection, you will receive an error message stating that the app only works over Wi-Fi, and you should re-connect via Wi-Fi.

What security measures will ensure my privacy when using Blackboard Mobile Learn?

  • Once a device connects with UBlearns servers, the Blackboard system is out of the communication loop. The connection is encrypted via SSL.
  • Blackboard never saves a user’s credentials on its servers.
  • The Save Password option on the mobile device simply allows you to save login information on the secure storage space within the application. (This process is akin to the way other mobile applications save passwords on devices.)
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn securely transmits usernames and passwords over SSL connection.

I heard that FERPA-protected data might be passing through a central service between user devices and my Blackboard Learn installation. Should I be concerned?

You need not be concerned because no FERPA-protected data passes through a central service.

When you log into Blackboard Mobile Learn, certain information about you is passed between their mobile device and the Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block installed on UBlearns server. This works in the same way that user-specific data is handled on a desktop or laptop computer between a web browser and our Blackboard Learn server.

Again, no FERPA-protected, user-specific data passes through the central service that supports Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Where can I find more information about Blackboard Mobile Learn or get assistance?

Support requests for Blackboard Mobile Learn can be sent to

See a demo of how Blackboard Mobile Learn works on eligible mobile devices.

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