Respondus Installation Instructions

Steps for Installation and Update of Respondus

Please quit all other applications prior to running the installer.

  • Install the full version of Respondus 4.0.
  • Check for latest update by completing the followng:
    • Select check for update from the Help menu.
    • Select Get Update in the dialog window.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions.
    • After update is complete, exit and relaunch Respondus. The Update will not take effect until you exit and relaunch Respondus.
  • Open Respondus. If this is the first time you are running it, you will be prompted for the following information:
    • Institution Name: University at Buffalo
    • Local Support Contact:
    • Installation Password ZR928384441-231516053 
    •     (Password valid through: July  2019)

Publish Respondus file to Blackboard on UBlearns

  • Select the Preview & Publish tab, then Publish to Blackboard in the left side navigation.
  • Select Publish Wizard icon.
  • Select desired Type of Publish - Publish to single course, Batch Publish to mutiple courses or Save to local file...
  • Select Blackboard Server - (See below how to Create Blackboard Server using UBlearns preconfigured connection settings)
  • Click Next
  • Login to UBlearns from PopUp screen - close screen after login.
  • Choose UBlearns course to publish to from drop-down list.
  • Create or Replace Exam/Survey or Pool
  • Select Additional Options
  • Click Next

Configure Publish Wizard to connect with UBlearns

Complete these steps once to configure the Publish to Blackboard Wizard:

  • Click the Preview & Publish tab, then Publish to Blackboard in the left side navigation.
  • Select Publish Wizard icon.
  • Type of Publish - Select Publish to single course option.
  • Select add new server option from the Blackboard Server: drop-down menu.
  • Select Yes, check for preconfigured server settings then Next.
  • Select UBlearns Production v9 from the drop-down box and click OK
  • Enter a name to describe this Blackboard Server (example UBlearns)
  • Select Run connection test.
  • Select Next.
  • Select Finish to close the wizard after new server settings have been added or updated.
  • Click Cancel

Note: If you encounter issues with authentication, try starting Internet Explorer, (not Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and just let it sit in the background. Then start Respondus 4.0 to publish or retrieve

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