UB Integrations

UB has integrated Turning Technologies classroom response system tools with Blackboard on UBlearns and most centrally scheduled classroom locations.

Blackboard on UBlearns

The all-new TurningPoint software offers an advanced Blackboard integration.  A one-time LMS sync that streamlines TurningPoint interactions. Benifits of the new integration include:

  • Fewer 'clicks' for instructors
  • Seamless course updates in TurningPoint
    •    Automatic course sync
    •    Automatic course update
    •    Upload Grades
  • Email students not fully registered
  • Notification to upload available grades

Sync classes with UBlearns

  1. Log into UBlearns and select Turning Registration link from course Tools
  2. Click Connect for the classes you plan to use
  3. Open TurningPoint, all connected courses are now listed

Note:  Each time TP is opened the class list is updated automatically

Centrally Scheduled Classrooms

A number of centrally scheduled technology classrooms have the TurningPoint Cloud software and receivers installed.  Find your classroom and receiver channel from the link below.

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