UB Integrations

Top Hat and Turning Technologies are fully integrated with Blackboard on UBlearns, allowing instructors to upload grades and sync student rosters.  TurningPoint software and hardware receivers are available in most technology equipped classrooms.

Blackboard on UBlearns

Turning Technologies
The all-new TurningPoint software offers an advanced Blackboard integration. Benefits include automatic course sync, automatic course update and upload of grades.

Top Hat

Top Hat's advanced Blackboard integration allows professors to sync grading and class roster information between the two systems. The integration is designed to ease student registration and on-boarding, and to allow professors to easily send grades from Top Hat into Blackboard. This integration option is implemented at schools who have institutional relationships with Top Hat.

Centrally Scheduled Classrooms

A number of centrally scheduled technology classrooms have the TurningPoint Cloud software and receivers installed.  Find your classroom and receiver channel from the link below.

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