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Using TurningPoint Cloud in a clicker-ready classroom

Learn how to use your PowerPoint presentation and clickers in a clicker-ready classroom.

Using Your PowerPoint Presentation With Clickers

  1. Bring your PowerPoint and participant file to your classroom.
  2. Move these files to the desktop in your classroom.
    • If you are not in a technology classroom, you need to make sure the software is installed and the receiver is plugged in.
  3. Open the TurningPoint Cloud software and Login using your Turning Technologies account.
  4. Select PowerPoint Polling from the TurningPoint Dashboard.
  5. Open your PowerPoint presentation from within TurningPoint.
  6. Load your participant list.
  7. Log in to ResponseWare.
  8. Reset your session.
  9. Run your PowerPoint Slideshow.
  10. Save your session.
    • We recommend that you save your session to a jump or flash drive. You do not need to save your PowerPoint presentation.
  11. Run your report when you return to your office.


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