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Results Manager

Manage results from clicker sessions with Results Manager.

Results Manager is a tool within TurningPoint Cloud that allows the management of results from clicker sessions.

With Results Manager, you can create a course by uploading a participant list from UBlearns. Session results files from each lecture are then uploaded, and you can see the results from a class in an easily accessible format.

Within Results Manager, you can edit the questions from a session:

  • omitting questions
  • changing point values
  • changing answer choices from incorrect to correct

A variety of reports can be generated within Results Manager, and grades can be exported directly to Grade Center within UBlearns.

Exporting Grades to UBlearns

Sessions can be exported to the UBlearns grade book directly from TurningPoint Cloud.

  1. Open TurningPoint Cloud and sign in to your Turning Account.
  2. From the Manage tab, select a participant list and click Results Manager.
  3. Click the Integrations icon.
  4. Select the Integration from the Integration drop-down
  5. menu.
  6. Enter the Server Address (, Username and Password in the appropriate fields.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. Select Export Session(s).
  9. Check the session or sessions to be exported.
  10. Check Select All to export all sessions associated with the participant list.
  11. Check Active Participants Only to include only participants who have an active device in the session or have grade overrides within a column.
  12. Click Export.
  13. A prompt will appear displaying the number of columns being exported to the LMS.
  14. Click Export.
  15. Click OK on the confirmation box.


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