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Clicker Models at UB

There are several models of clickers in use at UB.

QT Device

The newest clicker model from Turning Technologies, the QT Device is an audience response device with a full QWERTY style keyboard used for immediate feedback or Self-Paced Testing. The QT Device is compatible with Turning Technologies RF+ receiver (RRRF-03) and RF receiver (RRRF-04) and with TurningPoint 5, TurningPoint Cloud, Flow (2.0 or higher) and Insight 360 (Student ID Login mode only).

ResponseCard NXT

The ResponseCard NXT, allows for cell-phone style text entry for short answer questions, as well as enabling the use of Self-Paced Polling (a feature within the TurningPoint 5 software) to allow clickers to be used in place of OMR/bubble sheets for testing purposes.

Visit the Turning Technologies website to learn more about Self-Paced Polling or contact UBclicks to set up a training appointment.

The ResponseCard NXT User Guide is available from the Turning Technologies website.

ResponseCard XR

Create interactive polls in any Mac or PC application.

ResponseCard RF

Simplest clicker that supports multiple choice questions, available as loaner sets.

The TurningTechnologies IR clicker model is not compatible with the clicker software used at UB.


The UB wireless network may be insufficient to support all student ResponseWare connection attempts. UB recommends that students use clickers (ResponseCard models RF, XR or NXT).

Create interactive polls in any Mac or PC application.

Students respond via Web browsers on a smart device or laptop:

  • Apple® iPhone™
  • Blackberry® smartphones
  • Windows Mobile® devices
  • Laptop or Desktop

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