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Preparing to Use Clickers

Clickers are an interactive tool that can be useful for increasing student participation and rapidly assessing student understanding in class.

Decide that you want to use clickers

UB has selected the TurningPoint clicker from Turning Technologies as the campus supported standard. Like any other technology, clickers have a learning curve and will require additional planning before, during and after class.

Check out the UBclicks website

The UBclicks support team provides many resources to make the adoption of clicker technology easier. This UBclicks web site has been developed to show which classrooms have the TurningPoint infrastructure installed as well as how to use it. If you are teaching in a room that does not have the technology, please contact the UBclicks Support Team and efforts will be made to accommodate you.

Identify your educational objectives

Review the collection of resources to ensure that clickers will help you in meeting your instructional objectives.

Notify the UB Bookstore

Students can purchase clickers from the UB Bookstore at the same time they purchase their textbooks. Please notify the bookstore when you place your textbook order that you are planning on using clickers. All orders for clickers should be placed well in advance before the semester begins.

UB Bookstore contact:
716-645-3131 ext. 16

Get training

Please contact the UBclicks Support Team to make an appointment for one-on-one help should the need arise.

TurningPoint clicker technology is available in select Technology Classrooms (TCs). You should be familiar with using the equipment in a TC before conducting your class.

Inform your students

Think about what you are trying to achieve with the interaction, and make sure your course materials support that. PowerPoint slides can easily be made interactive using the TurningPoint software. Presentations can be made without PowerPoint, and polling of students can still occur using TurningPoint Anywhere. Reports can be utilized to summarize and analyze the results gathered in class.

Decide that you want to use clickers

  • Document the intentions of clicker usage policies in your syllabus; identify whether they are mandatory or optional, if they’re worth points and how many.
  • Students will need to purchase a TurningPoint clicker and license from the UB Bookstore.
  • If you plan to track students' responses, students must first create a Turning Account and register their clicker.  Via UBlearns select 'Tools' > 'Turning Account Registration' tool and follow on-screen prompts to register.


All of the groundwork is complete. You are ready to deliver your lecture. Prepare to adjust the pacing of the lecture to accommodate the process of students responding with clickers. Comfort and mastery of this tool will increase with each use. Our technology classrooms are rigorously maintained, however, in the unlikely instance of a clicker system failure, adjustments should be made for a work around.

In preparing for class the Integrations option under the Tools tab in TurningPoint allows you to download the class participant list. After class is complete, the same Integrations tool can be used to upload student’s responses or grades back into to the UBlearns gradebook.

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