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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ResponseWare.

What are the concerns regarding ResponseWare?

The UB wireless network may be insufficient to support all student ResponseWare connection attempts. Wireless Access Points are installed and configured for average usage patterns for a specific location. These locations include classrooms, hallways and informal learning spaces.

Wireless connectivity is not guaranteed. Students’ smart devices may fail to connect to the network, lose a network connection, experience connection timeouts or be disconnected from the ResponseWare application.

We strongly suggest students use clickers (ResponseCard models RF, XR or NXT).

What is required of my students to use ResponseWare?

  • Students must purchase a license at the University Bookstore or online through Turning Technologies using the school code UBUF.
  • Students have the option of either:
    • using a web browser-based ResponseWare interface (, or
    • downloading and installing one of the ResponseWare applications available for iPhone®, iPod touch® and BlackBerry® Smartphone devices.
  • Students register Device ID's through UBlearns, just like a standard clicker.

How do I run a class session with ResponseWare?

  1. Within TurningPoint, click on the Tools button and select ResponseWare from the drop-down list.
  2. Under log-in enter your account username and password.
  3. Under participant options, choose one of the following:
    • Check allow guests to allow students to join without being registered on UBlearns and without being logged in using their username and password, or

      Check require log-in to force students to log in using their name and password.
  4. Leave reserved session ID blank, unless you have previously reserved a permanent session ID. This will generate a session ID which students will use to connect to the session and answer questions. This window can then be closed.

For more information, check out the ResponseWare User Guide.

How do I show the session ID during a presentation?

Press Ctrl-5 during the presentation.

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