Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about clickers.

How do I use clickers in my class?

  1. Reserve a classroom equipped with clicker technology.  It will contain the hardware and software needed to run your presentation.
  2. Create a presentation using Power Point and the TurningPoint Plug-in (toolbar). You can download TurningPoint on your own computer and bring it to the classroom. Be sure to include interactive questions.
  3. Create your participant list. You can import the participant list from UBlearns gradebook and import it to TurningPoint before the start of class.
  4. Run presentation. Open the presentation in TurningPoint.  The presentation begins when you start the slide show and collect responses.
  5. Save session. Be sure to save the presentation on the TurningPoint tool bar, it will store all your responses from class.
  6. Run Reports from classroom session from the TurningPoint toolbar.

How do I use my own laptop?

  • Download and install TurningPoint after you have created a Turning Technologies Account.
  • Contact UBclicks to request a receiver.

Do I need to order clickers?

Yes, you should order them for your class by contacting the University Bookstore to order clickers.

My student lost his clicker and purchased a replacement.

The student must register the replacement via their Turning Technologies Account. Once the student has registered his new clicker, you can generate a new class list that will recognize the replacement clicker.

Are there clickers that I can borrow for a day?

The Center for Educational Innovation has clickers that you can borrow for special events or one time usage. Requests for clickers should be made in increments of 50, up to a maximum of 200.

To submit a request, download the Clicker Equipment Release Form, fill it out and email it to

Where can my students buy their clickers?

Students should expect to pay $50 - 70 for a new clicker, less for a used one. Clickers can be purchased from:

How do I edit a participant list?

To edit a participant list from within TurningPoint, check out this tutorial.

I need to change the point values in a saved session.

You can edit point value, remove questions etc from a session by following the instructions below.

  1. Select Tools > Session Management > Edit Session.
  2. Select your session.

From this point you can omit questions, change answers, and change point values. Save the edited session as a different filename just in case.

What is the server URL for UBlearns integrations?

The server URL for UBlearns must be typed in correctly in order to connect to UBlearns and be able to import a participant list and export session data.

The server URL for UBlearns is

TurningPoint AnyWhere isn't showing up over my Keynote presentation. What do I do?

If TurningPoint AnyWhere does not automatically load in front of a full-screen Keynote presentation, bring the toolbar on top by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to Preferences > Slideshow > Allow Expose.
  2. Click to Allow expose.

Once you start your presentation again, TurningPoint AnyWhere should remain on top.

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