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UBlearns and Panopto

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: January 25, 2019

Adding Panopto Video Content to UBlearns

The Panopto integration provides the tools to add and manage Panopto video files from inside UBlearns course sites. Video files and classroom lecture recordings added to UBlearns course sites allow students to watch on any computer, laptop or mobile device.

Video Tutorial


Step 1: Provisioning Your UBlearns Course to Accept Panopto Video

To use the Panopto tools in UBlearns you must provision your course with the Panopto Tool Application link, also called the Panopto Content link.

  1. Navigate to course, select Tools link in the left-hand navigation pane
  2. Click the Panopto Content link
  3. Click Configure
  4. To provision the course, click Add Course to Panopto
    • You will see a message saying, "Successfully provisioned course..."
  5. Click Return to Course

Step 2: Making the Panopto Tool Application Link Accessible

The Panopto Tool Application link provides student access to all the videos in your Panopto folder that are part of your course and allows course instructors to manage (ex: upload, delete, edit etc) video files. This view updates automatically as files are added in Panopto.

If you are not having your lectures recorded, manage your videos by going to Tools > Panopto Content instead.

Method 1: From the Course Menu

  1. From the Course Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the Plus icon (top left-hand corner)
  2. Click Content Area
  3. Enter a Name for the Content Area and click the checkbox in front of Available to Users
  4. Click Submit
  5. Click on the Content Area Name that you just created
  6. Click Tools > More Tools and select Panopto Course Tool Application
  7. Enter a Link Name and make sure Yes is selected next to Available under Options
  8. Click Submit

Method 2: From the Course Management Sidebar

  1. Select Course Managment > Customization > Tool Availability from left sidebar
  2. Scroll down the alphabetical list of all tools until you find Panopto
  3. Select the checkbox for all Panopto tools
  4. Click Submit

Optional: Embedding a Panopto Video

Option 1: Add Video as Part of Another Piece of Content (assignment, discussion board etc.)

Instructors can link their Panopto videos in UBlearns with the Mashup tool called Panopto Video. This can be accomplished from the Content Editor located in multiple content tools (example: assignments, blogs, wiki's etc.).

Here is an example using the Content Editor when creating an Assignment:

1. Go to any content area (example: “Course Documents”, “Assignments” etc.)

2. Click Assignment from the Assessments button

3. Enter a Name for the assignment

mashup tool.

4. From the Content Editor, click Mashups and select Panopto Video

5. Select the checkbox in front of the video that you want to insert and click Insert Videos

6. Fill in the rest of the assignment options and click Submit

Option 2: Display Video Only

1. Go to any content area (example: “Course Documents”, “Assignments” etc.)

2. Click Panopto Video Embed from the Build Content button

3. Select the checkbox in front of the video that you want to insert and click Insert Videos

4. Change the share permissions on the individual files or folder from which you’re pulling the embedded videos, to give access to students in this course.

Optional: Enabling Import of Video Quiz Results in Grade Center

In Panopto, you have the ability to add quiz questions to a Panopto video at any point during the presentation.

If the Panopto video quiz is embedded (Step 3 above) or linked (Step 4 above), the student will still be able to take the quiz but the results will not be imported into the Grade Center.

1. Go to any Content Area (example: Assignments, Course Documents, etc.) in your UBlearns course

2. Click Assessments

3. Click Panopto Quiz tool

  • Enter the Name of the quiz
  • Select Yes to Enable Evaluation if you want the grades to be imported to the Grade Center
  • Enter Points Possible
  • Select any other options needed

4. Click Submit

5. Click on the name of the quiz you just created to insert the Panopto Quiz

6. Select the video quiz and click Insert

panopto quiz.

7. Click on the Content Area that you see next to your course name towards the top left-hand corner of the screen to return to the course   

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Optional: Creating a Panopto Student Video Submission

  1. You must first enable this tool for your course
    1. From your Control Panel, click Customizations
    2. Click Tool Availability
    3. Scroll down until you find Panopto Student Video Submission
    4. Click the checkbox in front of it and click Submit
  2. Go to any Content Area (example: Assignments, Course Documents, etc.) in your UBlearns course
  3. Click Assessments
  4. Click Assignment
  5. Enter a name for the assignment
  6. From the Content Editor, click Mashups and select Panopto Student Video Submission
    • This will automatically add the student instructions into the Content Editor
  7. Enter Possible Points and any other assignment settings you require
  8. Click Submit

Common Questions

Why are people getting a "Request Access for Video" error?

Either change the sharing setting inside Panopto to “Anyone at your organization with the link” or use the Panopto Video Embed tool. Viewers should enable third-party cookies in their browser.

Why don't I see the Panopto Content link?

Provision your course (see Step 1 above) before you can use Panopto video with your course.  

Why didn't my grades import into the Grade Center?

After students answer the final question by clicking Finish they must also click Continue in order for the grades to be imported.

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