Basic Recording with Panopto (Windows)

Operating System: Windows 7 and above

Applies To: UB faculty and staff. Student recording is limited to Assignments Folder only.

Last Updated: April 5, 2018


The following steps start from in your browser.

create recording for windows.

1.    Select Create from the pull-down in the top Information bar.

2.    Select Record a New Session.  

launch panopto .

3.    If you haven't already installed the Panopto client, select your device Download Installer and follow these instructions.

4.    Click Launch Panopto. The Create New Recording window will automatically appear.

create new recording.

5.     Choose a folder from the drop-down and enter a Name for your recording under Session Settings.

6.     Under Primary Sources, choose the Video and Audio device you would like to use from the pull-down for your recording.

  • Audio is required for all recordings to complete.  You will receive a pop-up error message if no audio/video is selected.
  • It is recommended to use Ultra for the Quality setting.

7.     Under the Secondary Sources box, check the box for the secondary sources; Capture PowerPoint, Capture Main Screen, or Add Another Video Source such as a webcam, document camera, etc.    

  • Failure to select Capture PowerPoint will prevent a Table of Contents from automatically being generated for the recording.  You can add it by editing the video.

8.    Slide the Resolution bar to set the frames per second and bit rate.  Click Apply.

  • The higher the rate, the better the quality leading to larger file sizes amd more bandwidth needed by your viewers.

9.    If you want to livestream your video, check Webcast. The link will be created after you hit return and display in the bottom of the recording window.

10.     After selecting the available inputs, begin the recording by clicking on Record. Try the useful Hotkeys below.

  • Press F8 to begin recording.
  • Press F9 to pause. This option is not available during a Webcast livestream.
  • Press F10 to stop recording.

11.     Click Stop to stop recording content.

recording on windows complete.

12.     Once you choose to stop the recording, you will be presented with the Recording Complete dialogue box. This provides you another opportunity to rename the recording, provide a brief description, or delete and record again.

13.    Select Upload.

manage my recordings.

14.    When processing is complete, select Manage My Recordings to view your recording in Panopto.

15.    Once your recording has processed it you will receive an email from containing the url to access your recording.

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