Pilot - Ultra Course View

Ultra Course View is a simpler and more modern course user interface that provides a more uniform course experience across multiple devices, from smartphones to laptops.  

During the fall 2020 semester, a group of faculty will be piloting Ultra Course View in UB Learns. If your course looks like the screen shot below, your instructor is using Ultra Course View, and you can refer to the videos and links on this page for help.

Screen shot of a UB Learns course using Ultra Course View.

On this page:

Access to Blackboard Help From Anywhere in Your Course

Icon (question mark inside speech bubble) for access to help.

Click on the help icon (pictured left) located in the bottom right corner of any page in Ultra Course View and choose Blackboalrd Help.

Course Content Page

The Course Content page is the landing page for your course. Here you can see content that your instructor has posted as well as access tests, assignments and discussion.

Your instructor may use learning modules or folders to organize content. Click on a learning module or folder to see a list of the items inside the container. Click again to collapse the list.

Submitting an Assignment

Using the Content Editor

Checking Grades

Your grades may not be visible in the pill-shaped icon when using Safari. Please use a different browser to view your grades.

Reviewing Assignment Feedback

Participating in Discussions