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What If I forgot my UBITName (username) or password?

What if I can’t connect to UB, log into UBlearns, operate my computer, or download/install software?

For help with these issues contact:

UBIT Help Center
Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 645-3542

Why am I not receiving email from my class?

Blackboard on UBlearns will only send email to your UB email account. You must forward your email if you want to receive your UB email through another email service.

Visit Email at UB for answers to common questions about email at UB, such as:

  • How do I know which email service I have - UBmail or UBmail powered by Google?
  • Instructions for forwarding all future email from UBmail powered by Google
  • Instructions for forwarding all future email from UBmail

You can send email to course participants while using UBlearns. You will not receive email within UBlearns; you must use an email program to read email sent from UBlearns.

How do I set up my email?

Set up UB email

Configure your email client using the instructions on the Email at UB page. All email delivered through UBlearns will be sent to your UB email account. The same configuration information is used for both UBMail and UBMail powered by Google accounts.

Optional forwarding of email

If you prefer to receive email at an alternate email address, you must forward your email:

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