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Instructors can assign a journal to each user in a Course or Course Group that is accessible by only them and the user in order to communicate privately with the Instructor.

About Journals

Users can post messages to the Instructor and the Instructor, in turn, can comment. Instructors can allow Journal entries to be read by the rest of the users in a Course. Instructors can grade Group Journals and apply the grade to every member of the Course Group.

Creating Journal Entries

Instructors and users can create and post Journal Entries or save them in draft form for later posting.

Creating a Journal Entry

  1. Open a Journal.
  2. Click Add Journal Entry.
  3. Enter an Entry Title.
  4. Enter the text in the Entry Message Text Editor.
  5. Click Browse for Local File or Browse for Content Collection item to attach a file to the Journal entry.
  6. Click Post Entry to post the Journal entry.
    Click Save Entry as Draft to post the entry later.

Saving a Journal Entry

Journal Entries can be saved for later posting by clicking Save Entry as Draft. Draft Journal Entries can be viewed by clicking View Drafts on the main Journal page.

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