Using ResponseWare With Android

Learn how to use the Android app to answer questions in the classroom.

The UB wireless network may be insufficient to support all student ResponseWare connection attempts. UB recommends that students use clickers (NXT or QT models).

Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements are required for ResponseWare to properly function:

  • Android smartphones or tablets with OS 4.1 or higher
  •  Wi-Fi connection (recommended for optimal performance) or data connection

Logging into a ResponseWare Session

Most presenters require participants to be signed into a Turning Account. Alternatively, presenters may allow participants to sign in as guests.

  1. Open ResponseWare on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Navigation Drawer and select Sign In.
  3. Enter the Email and Password associated with your Turning Account and tap Sign In.
  4. Enter the Session ID provided by the presenter in the Enter Session ID field.
  5. Tap Join Session.
  6. If prompted, enter additional information, such as first and last name, email address, or User ID. Required information must be entered.
  7. Tap Submit.

The first question appears on-screen after the presenter opens polling. Tap the button that corresponds to your answer choice. The results appear after polling is closed.

Be sure to log in to each session with your username and password, otherwise you may not be getting credit for your answers.

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