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Using ResponseWare With an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Blackberry

Learn how to use the ResponseWare app to answer questions in the classroom.

The UB wireless network may be insufficient to support all student ResponseWare connection attempts. UB recommends that students use clickers (ResponseCard models RF, XR or NXT).

Downloading the ResponseWare App

The ResponseWare app allows you to answer questions in class without having to use a web browser interface. Smartphone apps can be downloaded from the Turning Technologies Downloads page.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Responseware under Response Devices/Tools. This will display links to download the app for iPhone or Blackberry.

The app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can also be found by searching for "Turning Technologies" in the app store on your device.

Finding the Device ID to Register un UBlearns

Your unique Device ID will be generated when you create a ResponseWare account at

Once you have created a ResponseWare account, the Device ID will be visible to you on the home screen when you launch the ResponseWare app on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Blackberry.

Use this device ID to register in UBlearns. This device ID will be attached to your user account, not the device itself, and will allow you to use a different device if needed throughout the semester.

Joining a Session Using a Web Browser on Your Computer or Cell Phone

  1. Select the ResponseWare application on your device.
  2. Select the Join As field.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Select the Identify Myself As field.
  6. Enter your first name, last name and user data.
  7. Select Done.
  8. Select the Session to Join field.
  9. Enter the Session ID provided by your instructor.
  10. Select Join.

Be sure to log in to each session with your username and password, otherwise you may not be getting credit for your answers.

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