Turning Accounts for Students

The Turning Account website provides students the ability to purchase a Turning Account license, register response devices, view license information and manage their Turning Account.

All students are required to create a Turning Account, redeem or purchase a license code and register a response device to be credited for participation in class. 

Create a Turning Account, redeem a license code and register clicker


1.       Log in to UBlearns at:  https://ublearns.buffalo.edu/

2.       Click the Courses tab and select a course

3.       Click Tools and select the Turning Account Registration Link.  You will be taken to the Turning Account registration Web site.

4.       Enter your school e-mail and click Create Account

5.       Check your e-mail and click the link to verify your Turning Account

6.       Choose I am a Participant

7.       Enter your First and Last Name

8.       Check the box to agree to the User Agreement

9.        Select Next

10.   Create and verify a password

11.   Select Next

12.   Click Finish

13.   Select Licenses from the side navigation     

  • If you purchased a clicker from the UB bookstore, enter the code found in the clicker box in the License Code field an click Redeem.
  • If you do not have a license code, click the Visit Online Student Store icon to purchase one. See Purchase license below for details.

15.   Select Devices form the side navigation

16.   Select Add

17.   Enter Device ID.  The Device ID is located on the back of your clicker below the barcode.

18.   Select Save

19.   Select Sign Out



·         If you are using ResponseWare, your ResponseWare  Device ID is automatically added to your Turning Account.

·         If you did not receive the verification email, click the Resend Verification button in Turning Account



Purchasing a License

A Turning Account license is required for responses from response devices or ResponseWare to be tracked and used inTurningPoint Cloud and UBlearns. The Turning Account license also includes a ResponseWare license.

  1. Sign in to your Turning Account.
  2. Select Licenses from the left menu.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Click the Visit Online Student Store icon.
      1. Select a license.
      2. Click Add to Cart.
      3. Click Review Selections.
      4. When you are ready to checkout, click Checkout.
      5. Enter your billing information and click Review Order.
      6. After reviewing your order, click Complete Purchase.
      7. After the purchase is made, a confirmation screen is displayed.
      8. Click Access TurningPoint Account to be redirected to your Turning Account.


Register Clicker

If your instructor requires the use of a ResponseCard (clicker) in class, you must add the device to your Turning Account in order to receive credit in class. Up to five (5) devices may be added to your account.

  1. Sign in to your Turning Account.
  2. Select Devices from the left menu.
  3. Click Add.
  4. The Add Response Device window opens.
  5. Enter the Device ID and click Save. The Device ID is located on the back of the device below the barcode.

Response devices should only be removed from your Turning Account if you no longer have access to the device. If you remove a device, the device is no longer associated to you in any future sessions.