Updating Your XR or NXT Clicker Firmware

Students who have older ResponseCard XR clickers or some versions of the NXT clickers may need to update their firmware (the older version of the ResponseCard XR clicker is blue).

Checking Firmware Version On Your XR Clicker

After pressing the Menu button the screen should read "Leave presentation mode? (Y/N)". If you see any other text you may need to update your firmware. Please contact UBclicks for assistance.

If the firmware is not up-to-date intermittent problems may occur.

Checking Firmware Version On Your NXT Clicker

Some clickers with outdated firmware may not work when answering numeric questions.

If your NXT clicker states "No link up to channel" when attempting to answer a clicker question, the firmware is out of date.

To check your firmware version:

  1. Press a button to turn on your device.
  2. Select the wrench tool by pressing the top right button on the clicker.
  3. Scroll using the right or left arrow until you see the Device Info function appear. Select this using the center button.
  4. You'll see your device ID number. Scroll right or left until you see your firmware version. If your firmware version is 2.1.1 you are up to date.

Updating your clicker firmware

If you have a mini USB cable and the Turning Technologies Hardware Updater, you can update the firmware yourself. Otherwise, please contact UBclicks to set up an appointment.

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