Answering Questions in the Classroom with Clickers

Once your clicker is setup, you can start answering questions during lectures.

Setting the Channel

All classrooms have a different channel that must be entered into your clicker to propely respond.

  1. Press the clicker's MENU button.
  2. Use the down arrow key (Yes) to select Change Channel from the menu list.
  3. Press Enter. The current channel will be displayed.
    1. If the channel is correct, press Enter.
    2. If you need to change the channel, enter the new number on the keypad, then press Enter.
  4. If you selected a channel in range, the display will show that the channel was changed and a receiver found.
  5. If there was a problem finding that channel in range, the display will show that no receiver was found on that channel within range of your clicker.

Answering Questions

In order to use your clicker to input an answer, polling must be open on the presentation slide. The status bar at the top of the presentation will reflect when polling is open (a green box will appear with the words Polling Open), and when it is closed (a red box will appear with the words Polling Closed). Press the key that corresponds to your answer on the slide when polling is open.

A check mark is displayed on your device along with your answer if your answer was received properly.

  • You may change your answer as long as polling remains open by pressing an alternate answer.
  • Once polling closes you may not change your answer. Not accepting answers will be displayed on your device.

Problems Inputting Answers

  • If your clicker is not accepting answers and polling is open, or if your screen freezes, wait a few seconds and try again. You can also try removing the battery and re-seating it.
  • If your clicker still does not work, return it to the bookstore or the Teaching and Learning Center to have it fixed.
  • Your clicker may have intermittent problems if the firmware is not up to date.

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