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Printing Costs and Quota

Use your print allowance effectively: find out when you receive your allowance, how to check your balance, how many pages you can print and what to do if you expend your allowance.

Cost of Printing

Current students, faculty and staff pay the following to print in public sites:

Black and White Printers

  • $0.05 a page printed single-sided (simplex) or 
  • $0.04 per side ($0.08/page), printed double-sided (duplex)

Double-sided printing is the default. The cost is the same whether you print from your UB Quota purse or Campus Cash.

Color Printers

$0.30 per printed side (simplex or duplex). There is no discount for duplex color printing.

Double-sided printing is the default. The cost is the same whether you print from your UB Quota Purse or Campus Cash.

If a print job is sent to the color printer, even if only one page (or even no pages) contains color the entire job is charged at the color rate. UBIT recommends printing only those pages that you want to contain color to the color printers, and send the remainder of your pages to the black and white printers in order to save cost and let your UB Quota stretch as far as possible.

Your UB Quota Purse

All students enrolled in courses for the current semester, as well as faculty and staff receive a page allowance, or allocation, to print the equivalent of:

  • 650 single-sided black and white pages for each of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • 200 single-sided black and white pages for the Summer semester.
  • 100 single-sided black and white pages for Winter semester, only if enrolled in Winter semester courses. Winter semester quota is only available during Winter session, and is deleted at the end of the Winter semester.

Your allowance rolls over from semester to semester (Fall, Spring and Summer). You must use iprint at least once per semester to receive the allocation for that semester.

Your balance does not roll over to the next academic year (Summer to Fall). The remaining allowance in your iprint balance will be deleted prior to the start of the new academic year.  

Printing blank pages to use up your UB Quota is not allowed.

Checking the Balance of Your UB Quota Purse

When using the computing sites' Cybrary, Express or Assistive stations, your available quota is displayed in dollars on the iprint pop-up window. You may also view your available quota from any of the Print Release Stations.

The iprint pop-up window is not available from:

  • Linux computers in Bell Hall 101
  • Quick Connect computers in hallways in Lockwood, Alumni, Natural Sciences Complex (NSC) and the Student Union
  • Library Research stations
  • Your personal laptop with iprint anywhere

If you think your iprint@ub quota is incorrect, please contact

To learn the number of pages you may print with your current balance, see Determine How Many Pages You Can Print with Your Allowance.

How to Print After You Expend Your UB Quota

If you spend all the funds in your UB Quota purse for the semester, you may not add money to it. Instead, you can print using Campus Cash as the source of printing funds. Printing costs the same with Campus Cash as using your UB Quota purse. You can also print using another quota purse if your department provides one.

Printing with Funds Other Than UB Quota

  1. Select the files you want to print.
  2. In the pop-up click Next Purse until the correct source of funds, such as Campus Cash, appears.
  3. Confirm the number of pages to print.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Click Pay and Print.

Sharing Your UB Quota

You may share unused UB Quota with other students. Do not share your UBITName and password: you alone are responsible for the use of your UBITName. You must print from your UBITName, so your friends must send or give you the documents they want to print.

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