Printing Tips

Learn how to solve some common printing problems.

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Print from Your Computer

Did you know you can print from your own computer or mobile device, on- or off- campus? Show me how >

Make Your UB Quota Last

  • Make sure you don't send black-and-white documents to a color printer
  • Leave the default double-sided printing option on

Leave Extra Time

Print turnaround times at public computing sites are usually between 5 and 10 minutes. However, turnaround times can be longer at the beginning and end of a semester. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to get your papers printed and to get to class. Printing early in the morning or in the late afternoon (3 p.m. or after) to avoid long lines is another good technique.

Printing over Wi-Fi? Find a Strong Signal

Sending a document over the UB Secure Wi-Fi network requires a strong, consistent signal. If you are having problems, you may have a weak connection. Try relocating.

Watch Your Document Size (>250MB)

Very large documents (those over 250MB) cannot be printed at public computing sites. This could be true of documents with many high-resolution images, or documents that are image scans of a text document. If you try to print a document over 250MB, it cannot be released and you will receive an error message. Try the following workarounds:

  • Print only a few pages at a time
  • Compress your document to a smaller size with software such as Adobe Acrobat Professional (available on all public computing site computers)
  • Remove or replace high-resolution images
  • If it is a Word doc, try deselecting the "Print Background Colors and Images" if it is selected
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