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Release Your Print Job at a Release Station

Learn how to release your print job at a Release Station.

Release stations do not accept payment but can be used to release print jobs submitted from Bell 101, QuickConnect stations or print jobs submitted from your own computer using iprint anywhere.

Pay Release Stations have a card reader attached to them so that you can pay for your print job with a Print/Copy Card. Print/Copy Cards are debit cards. Your balance is only recorded on the card which has no personally identifiable information on it. Library visitors must pay for printing using a Print/Copy Card. Read about purchasing a Print/Copy Card.

Releasing Your Print Jobs

When Printing Both Color and Black and White Documents:

1. Log into the Release Station and release all the color print job(s) (see directions below).

2. Log out of the release station.

3. Log back into the release station and release all the black and white print job(s).

  1. Insert your Print/Copy card into the card reader if you are using one to pay for a job.
  2. Log in with your UBITName and password. (Library patrons log in with their library account numbers.)
  3. Click the Next or Sign In button.
  4. The iprint pop-up window displays your available UB Quota, a list of your documents and the cost per document.
  5. Select the document(s) you want to print; iprint displays the total price.
  6. Click Next Purse to see other purses or Print/copy card balances and select the purse to pay for your printing.
  7. Click Continue to confirm your selection.
  8. Use the Back button to change your selected documents or purse.
  9. Click Here to Accept the Charge and Start Printing. Your documents will be sent to the printer.

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