Your UB Quota for Printing

Learn more about your semesterly "allowance" for free printing, meant to cover the majority of printing needs for UB students.

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When You Get Your UB Quota

Current UB students, faculty and staff receive a certain number of pages they can print for free at public computing sites per semester. This is called your "UB Quota." You may print from a computing sites computer or your own computer.

Please note: If you do not print during a semester, you do not receive a UB Quota for that semester, even if you are enrolled.

UB Quota Amount

Your UB Quota is the equivalent of:

  • 650 single-sided black and white pages for each of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • 200 single-sided black and white pages for the Summer semester, only if enrolled in Summer semester courses.
  • 100 single-sided black and white pages for Winter semester, only if enrolled in Winter semester courses.  

You may also print in color, but it is more expensive (will use up more Quota). See Printing Costs for complete information.

Checking Your UB Quota Balance

Common Questions

Does my UB Quota "roll" over to the next semester?

Your balance does not roll over; you will receive a new quota each semester.

I spent my UB Quota but I still need to print. What are my options?

If you spend all the funds in your UB Quota for the semester, you may print using Campus Cash as the source of printing funds. You can also print using another quota (sometimes called a "purse") if your department provides one.

Learn how to print with funds other than your UB Print Quota >

Do I keep my UB Quota after I graduate?

Graduates can continue to access their quota up to 6 months after degree conferral.

Can I get a refund for unused quota?

There are no refunds for unused quota.

Is it possible to have more than one type of quota?

You may see other quota when you print elsewhere - some departments offer a separate quota, and UB's residence halls  have a separate quota residents can see and use only in labs operated by Campus Living (Greiner Business Center, Googyear Academic Success Center, Fargo Lounge, Porter Lounge and apartment complex business centers). These are separate from your UB Quota.

Can I move some of my department or residence hall quota to my UB Quota?


My document didn't print properly because the printer was jammed/out of paper/low on toner, but I was charged anyway. Can I get a refund?

Ask the consultant at the print service counter for assistance. If there is no print service counter, send email to the computing site team.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.