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Configure Your Macintosh Computer to Use iprint anywhere

Learn how to configure your Macintosh computer to use iprint anywhere.


iprint anywhere is not compatible with iOS devices.

You must configure your computer to use iprint anywhere. Your print job must be released at a Print Release or pay station before it will print.

Configure from either ResNet or a UB Secure wireless connection on campus. Off campus, use Cisco AnyConnect before using iprint anywhere.

Configuring iprint anywhere for Macintosh:

Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) users:

You must update to Mac OS 10.7.4 (Lion) or newer to use iprint anywhere.

click Print and fax or Print and scan.

Click to enlarge.

1. Open System Preferences.

2. In the Hardware section click Print & Fax (Print & Scan in 10.8 and Printers & Scanners in 10.9)

click +

Click to enlarge.

3. Click the + (plus) button below the printer list in the Printers area on the left hand side of the window.

custmize the toolbar

Click to enalrge.

4. The Add Printer dialog box opens. Ctrl-click on the Toolbar area near the top of the window, to the right of the icons, and select Customize Toolbar... from the drop-down menu.

drag and drop the advanced icon.

Click to enlarge.

5. Click, then drag and drop the Advanced button icon into the Toolbar area. Click Done. The Advanced button is now on the toolbar.

enter the desired printer url.

Click to enlarge.

6. Click the Advanced button. Enter the following:

  • For Type, select Windows or Windows printer via spoolss.
  • For Device, select Another Device.
  • Enter  the URL for your print location from the Print Queue Names for Macintosh for URL.
  • Enter an easily identifiable name, such as My Lockwood for Name.
  • Enter the printer’s location for Location.
  • Select Generic PostScript Printer for Print Using or Use. (NOTE: You may need to select Other, then select Generic PostScript Printer.)

7. Click Add.

the printer is in the printer list.

Click to enlarge.

8. If you see an Installable Options  or Setting up dialog box, select Duplex Printing Unit and click Continue.

9. The printer will appear in your printer list.

Printing using iprint anywhere for Macintosh:

print queue icon is in the dock.

Click to enlarge.

1. Print from your application as you would whenever you print, using the iprint anywhere site printer you created.

2. The print job will enter the Mac OS queue, and the print queue icon will pop up on the Taskbar.

3. Double-click the print queue icon, highlight your print job and click Resume.

4. Enter the following:

  • Enter AD\UBITName where UBITName is your UBITName, i.e., AD\johndoe for Name.
  • Enter your UBITName password for Password.

5. Click OK.

Once you submit your print job from your computer, you must release it from a Release Station at the computing site before it is printed.

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