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Deleting a Print Job

Learn how to delete a print job from your queue.

If you need to delete a print job, you can do so from the print queue in an iprint pop-up window or at a print release or print release pay station. Documents are automatically deleted if they are not printed within 24 hours.

Deleting a Print Job at a Print Release Pay Station:

  1. Enter your UBITName and password or Library Research Station Access Card Number and password for UBIT User Name and Password. Click Sign In.
  2. Your pending print jobs will be displayed.
  3. Highlight any print jobs you want to delete, making sure that a check mark appears next to each job, then click Discard.
  4. Verify your print jobs you have selected to Discard. Click Click Here to Confirm and Start Deleting. Your requested print jobs will automatically be deleted.

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