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Your print allowance is stored in your UB Quota purse. You can check your Quota in an iprint pop-up window or at a Release Station.
Students, faculty and staff pay $.05 per page printed single-sided or $.04 per side printed double-sided for black and white printing.  The cost for color printing is $.30 a side for all pages submitted to the color printer, regardless of whether the page contains any color.
If your printout quality is poor, speak with a public sites consultant. It is possible that they may be able to reprint your document.
If your print job was cancelled, it may be because your document was too large to print. Print jobs that are not released within 24 hours are automatically deleted from the print queue.
If you expend your print allowance, it is possible to use multiple purses to pay for your print job.
If you are printing from a Cybrary location, you must retrieve your printouts at the iprint@ub print service counters. When printing from other locations you can retrieve your documents at the printer.
Our public printers print on standard 20 lb. 8.5 x 11 white paper. Color printing is available.  If you need non-standard paper, binding or other special services, several stores in the area provide these services. 
UB Quota rolls over between semesters when your new allocation is added to the balance of the previous semester. UB Quota is reset at the end of the Academic Year (before Fall semester), and any remaining balances are lost.  You cannot transfer UB Quota to other students. You may not request a refund for unused allocation - your allocation is a number of pages' worth of printing, and does not correspond directly to a dollar amount you paid as part of your comprehensive fee. You cannot print blank pages.
Contact your department for departmental lab quota. Contact Campus Living with questions about quota designated for the business centers in Greiner or campus apartments.

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