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Your VoIP Phone

Learn about the basic features of your VoIP phone including placing and receiving calls, settings and acquiring additional equipment for your phone.


All VoIP phones must be connected to network switches. Your phone plugs into the data connection used by your desktop computer and your computer plugs into a connection on the back of your VoIP phone. VoIP phone lines cannot be shared with FAX, alarm or modem lines.

Placing and Receiving Calls

To place a call, pick up the handset of your VoIP phone or press its Speaker button, then dial the number. To answer a call, pick up the handset or press the Speaker button while the phone is ringing.

To switch from handset to speakerphone during a call, press the Speaker button and put the handset down in its cradle. To switch from speakerphone to handset, lift the handset from the cradle and the speaker function will automatically turn off.

Settings and Display

The settings for your phone’s ringer can be changed while your phone is being ordered or by making a request to your department. The available settings include standard-length ringing, ringing once, flashing silently and nothing. Ringer settings can be changed during installation or by using the form to request telephone service.

Using the Volume buttons with no call in progress adjusts the volume of the ring tone. Using the Volume buttons during a call adjusts the volume of the call.

Caller-ID is available on inbound and outbound calls. Additionally, you can view “missed calls” and “placed calls” displays on your screen by pressing the Directories button.

Additional Equipment

You can use a headset or a handset cord, available in 6’, 12’ and 25’ lengths, with your VoIP phone. To inquire about handset cords, send an email to the CIT Help Desk.


When cleaning your phone, use a slightly dampened soft cloth. Do not use any liquids or powders directly on the phone.

Requesting Telephone Changes

If you need to reset voicemail, change a name associated with a phone, request a new number, or move a phone, submit a requst:

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