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Using Voicemail

Learn how to retrieve your VoIP voicemail.

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Accessing Voicemail From Your Phone

  1. To listen to new, saved or recently deleted messages, press the Messages button.
  2. Enter your voicemail PIN followed by #.
  3. Follow the prompts to access your messages.

Retrieving Deleted Voicemails

Deleted messages are available to be retrieved for seven days. Once seven days have elapsed, or you Erase the message from the Deleted Msgs menu, the message cannot be restored.

To access your deleted voicemails:

  • On your phone, press the Messages button.
  • Enter your voicemail PIN followed by #.
  • Press 3 (Old Msgs)
  • Press 2 (Deleted)

From here, you may continue to follow the prompts to either Review or (permanently) Erase any available deleted messages.

Accessing Voicemail Remotely

To listen to your messages from another phone:

  1. Dial 645-3333.
  2. Press * once you are connected.
  3. Enter your 7-digit phone number as your ID, followed by #.
  4. Enter your voicemail PIN followed by #.

Forwarding Voicemail to Your Email

Contact your departmental IT administrator to request your voicemail be forwarded to your UB email as an audio file attachment
(IT staff should use the Request Telephone Service form instead). Specify which forwarding option you prefer:

  1. You can leave a copy of voicemail messages on the phone and the message will be on your phone and email. Each copy is independent of the other. Your phone will light when the voicemail copy is waiting.
  2. You can delete the voicemail message from your phone (DEFAULT). The only retained copy of the message is forwarded to email. Your phone will not light when voicemail is forwarded.

Forgot Your Voicemail PIN?

If you can't remember your voicemail PIN, contact the CIT Help Desk.

Saved Voicemail Storage Limits

Voicemail can store up to 30 minutes worth of messages. When the mailbox is full, an automated recording will prompt you to delete messages. While the mailbox is full, you will be unable to receive new messages. Callers who attempt to leave you voicemail will be informed that you are currently unable to receive new voicemail messages.

Replaying Your Voicemail Slowly

  • To use Slow Playback, press 4 while a message is playing. The message will play back slowly.
  • To resume normal speed, press 8.

Skipping the Voicemail Greeting

To skip the Cisco Unity voicemail greeting when leaving a message on another’s VoIP phone, press #.

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